Hard Asset That Generates Income, Pays Consistent Returns

investing in shipping containers

In the face of political upheaval, war, and economic uncertainty, investment seekers are searching for investing options that, if faced with the worst case scenario, will offer them a degree of protection. At the moment, many investors see traditional investments – like stocks and bonds – as very risky and (in some instances) significantly overvalued. This has encouraged much of the investment community to move their holdings toward investment alternatives, and avoid unnecessary risk.

One of the most popular classes of alternative investments available to the international investment community is hard assets. This class is comprised of tangible items like shipping containers and collectibles (i.e. fine wine), that are appreciable and observable by investors. In most instances, these opportunities are managed and maintained by an asset manager, just as traditional investments are handled by fund or money managers. This is accommodating to people with a low tolerance for risk when it comes to investing their money.

Another investing strategy that has become increasingly popular with investment seekers is income generating investments. These are options that provide investors with consistent investment earnings. For some, this can be used to supplement income or reinvested to build wealth more quickly. In either case, investors appreciate earning steady money from their investment. It is satisfying and encouraging to move closer to investing goals.

For investment seekers who are interested in a hard asset that generates income, shipping container leases pay consistent returns to container owners. This option has been compared to rental income earned from real estate investments. The advantage of owning shipping containers over real estate is that containers are mobile and can be repositioned to the most prosperous regions across the globe. Commercial and residential properties obviously cannot.

When preparing an investment strategy, investors should carefully consider the performance of each asset in their portfolio, and measure the contribution made to achieving financial goals and investing success. Those investments that fail to demonstrate value should be sold and replaced with investments that avoid financial crisis and deliver steady returns.

Author: Alfie Roberts

I offer a collection of tips, advice, and information to help new investors make educated decisions about their investment options and investing alternatives.